Oil and Petroleum Trading

Crude Oil : Burj Petroleum Organisation trades and brokers various types of crude oil from concession and allocation holders to refining groups and major trading houses. Product is mainly obtained from West Africa and the CIS, though new strides have been taken to secure product for refineries through producers in the Middle East and North Africa .

Refined Products : The group’s main focus is on the trade of Gasoil and Fuel Oil, which are two of the most abundant and sought after products. Cargoes are currently purchased from Europe, the CIS and the GCC Countries to supply client requirements.

Our portfolio is constantly expanding to provide more and more industries with high end services that will truly transform their landscape. We provide our clients with unmatched support that continues to add value to a product or service long after implementation. With a dedicated team of highly experienced and determined individuals, Burj Petroleum is committed to expanding its services on an international scale. We have both the international resources and capabilities to service our clients in all aspects of a project from conception to completion.

Frequently Ask Question

We have well deserved reputation in multi dimensions investment task related to project and concept development, Investment in Construction, Food and hospitality, Technical and industrial consultancy and analysis, Interior decoration and architectural designs, Transport and marine services over the past years internationally.

please send us an email regarding your needful product request including the detail of your intent and specification and our sales team will contact you shortly with the best available offer and allocations,.

The Company’s primary investment objective is to generate high current income and regular cash flows in any feasibly profitable project specially in current situation world market. The Company has a long-term oriented investment philosophy and invests primarily with a buy-and-hold mentality, though from time to time the Company will sell investments to realize gains or for risk management purposes.