Who we are?

Founded in 1995, Burj Petroleum International Ltd & Burj Petrol Madencilik ve Enerji Danışmanlığı Dış TIC. LTD. ŞTI is engaged in the sourcing, marketing and distribution of physical commodities on a global basis, taking advantage of opportunities in niche markets in North West Europe, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Guinea and Singapore.

The group principally trades in bulk cargoes of petroleum products and minerals, sourced through manufacturers and traders within the group’s target markets. Energy products such as Gas Oil and Coal for factories, Fuel Oil for vessels and bunkering and Iron Ore for Steel production comprise the group’s main traded products.


Our Services


Minerals & Ores

Group trades minerals and ores such as Iron Ore, Manganese & Chrome Ore and Muscovite (Mica ) etc. The group supplies minerals and ores from its own mines, as well as from other producers in the Middle East and Asia to China and India.


Oil and Gas Industry

The group’s main focus is on the trade of Gasoil and Fuel Oil, which are two of the most abundant and sought after products. Cargoes are currently purchased from Europe, the CIS and the GCC Countries to supply client requirements.


Petroleum and petrochemical

Group trades and brokers various types of crude oil from concession and allocation holders to refining groups by participating in the secondary market, we offer flexible financial solutions to suppliers, enabling them to bring their products to market.

Introduction to Burj Petroleum Organization

Burj Petroleum Organization is a niche specialized commodity trading group. Its principal activities focus on the physical sourcing and marketing of energy products and associated raw materials.

Burj Petroleum Organization seeks opportunities where competitive advantages exist and flexibility, financial capability, local and cultural expertise is required to assist suppliers in getting their products to market. The company bridges the gap that exists between companies in secondary markets and big primary market players by sourcing products through its extensive network. The group’s expertise is gained through associations with local partners who have extensive knowledge of their home markets.

Clients are industrial consumers, refineries, large traders, factories and other end‐users in all segments of the market, in many industries, where products are required to fuel industry and transportation or act as feedstock for production of other products.

Burj Petroleum Organization believes in attracting and retaining the best management and front line team which will build the foundation for long term success through entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, communication, passion, trust and hard work.

The group currently enjoys the support of 4 top international banks for its financial requirements, including credit lines for its trading, working capital and expansion.

Farshad Kanani

Chairman Of Group