Petrochemical Products

Burj Petroleum Organisation trades and brokers various types of petrochemical products for a wide range of applications and many important building blocks for industry processes, including ethylene, propylene, butadiene, and aromatics. Products are mainly obtained from West Africa and the CIS, though new strides have been taken to secure product for refineries through producers in the Middle East and North Africa.


Naphtha is a feed stock destined either for the petrochemical industry (e.g. ethylene manufacture) or for gasoline production by reforming or isomerisation within the refinery. Naphtha comprises material that distills between 30°C and 210°C.

Benzene & C7-Section

Benzene is one of the chemical industry's most important raw materials. As the most simple aromatic hydrocarbon, benzene plays the decisive role in the production of high quality synthetic materials with special features, such as nylon and polystyrene.

Butadiene & C4

C4-section is a special product, which is produced in significant amounts in the ethylene plant. Customers include large companies from the German chemical industry. They extract among other things the chemical element, butadiene, which is contained C4-section.


Methanol is a chemical used in the production of formaldehyde, acetic acid and methyl methacrylate (MMA), and is used as a solvent in many applications. It is also used to produce MTBE (methyl-tert-butyl-ether), which is used as an octane-booster or as a gasoline compound.

Ethylene & Propylene

Modern life is inconceivable without plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. Through the combination of particular qualities such as malleability, lightness, firmness and durability they have replaced heavier more energy intensive materials.


Solvents are liquids which have the ability to dissolve, suspend or extract other materials. They make it possible to process, apply, clean or separate materials. They are petroleum derivatives and enable the processing, application, cleaning or separation of materials.

Urea 46

Nitrogen fertilizer with 46% urea nitrogen that must undergo the nitrification process to be assimilable by the crop, and this process greatly depends on the soil and environmental conditions. Depending on different factors, it can be used both during sowing and as a top dressing.

Phenol & Acetone

Phenol is mainly used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. In this, phenol essentially serves as a raw material for the production of bisphenol A, phenolic resins, alkylphenols and caprolactam. It is also used for salicylic acid, nitrophenols, diphenyl ethers, halogenated phenols and other chemicals.

Sustainable Fuels

EFOA, is dedicated to the responsible production, usage and promotion of clean, high quality, high-efficiency petrol components. It brings together producers of MTBE | BIO-MTBE | BIO-ETBE | TAME | BIO-TAME | BIO-TAEE, as key components for the production of high-octane fuels.