Renewable Energy Investment and Consultancy

One of the our group mission is to encourage the use of environmental-friendly energy resources and low footprint energy generation. We are fully devoted to Research & Development to increase the potency and feasibility of renewable energy technologies and low footprint energy generation.

Burj Petroleum Organization provides consulting services for Renewable Energy projects, which is energy that is collected from the processing of natural resources that quickly replenish themselves – such as sun/solar, water/hydro, wave/tidal, rain and geothermal heat. In the pursuit of developing renewable energy projects, Burj Petroleum has developed relationships with several multinational companies that provide technical knowledge and investment enabling the projects to become operational.

Burj Petroleum supplies and trades biofuels such as Biodiesel and Biogas. Through producers in the EU and Asia, Burj strives to deliver quality product based on client requirements.

Rape, soy, sunflower, palm, crude and refined oils.
Responsibly sourced renewable and green energy products form a part of Burj’s trading activities.

Burj Organization ensures that all its investments have a strong social and economic impact with a particular focus on empowering the businesses and projects with safe profit return and has an unparalleled ability to make a significant and positive impact worldwide through both its world class investment management team and its strong representation teams and joint ventures.