Mining, Minerals & Ores

Burj Organization trades minerals and ores such as Iron Ore, Manganese & Chrome Ore and Coal – originating from the Middle East, South Asian and South East Asian regions, supplying to the world markets.

The group has different joint corporation mines of Chrome Ore and Manganese mines and has off-taker contracts with Iron Ore mines in Turkey, Indonesia and planning to expand it worldwide.

Burj Organization is actively evaluating investment opportunities in natural resource projects, such as mines in different locations. The core business has been developed by establishing long-term relationships with producers and allocation holders, ensuring secure, continual supplies. The Group aggressively seeks new partnerships and sources to supply the demands of our increasing number of clientele.

Burj Organization ensures that all its investments have a strong social and economic impact with a particular focus on empowering the businesses and projects with safe profit return and has an unparalleled ability to make a significant and positive impact worldwide through both its world class investment management team and its strong representation teams and joint ventures and we invest in different mining project on base of partnership.

The principal members of the Fund Manager have an extensive and proven track record in the areas of fund management, fiscal responsibility as well as development, acquisitions and financing of investments on a large and small scale through the infrastructure, renewable energy and many industrial sectors.
Third party investors can be confident that their funds will be deployed in a timely manner to our professionally designed programs.